The Hanji Korean Mulberry Paper Project

Rome, January 2015 – In Asia, Hanji has been used in book and paper conservation since ever but its use amongst European conservators is scarcely documented. The present work will contribute toward a better comprehension of this material, of its mechanical features, its durability and possible applications in the conservation of paper based items.

Within the Group 130, composed by ten paper, book and photo mid-career professional conservators winners of the Hanji Award, my colleagues and I will investigate the particular features of Hanji paper and will evaluate its applicability in the conservation of a range of historical and artistic items in the form of book, graphic art and photograph. Mechanical reaction of Hanji paper to stress and its resistance to wear & tear will be evaluated through its use in conjunction with different materials, e.g. baritate photographic supports, vellum, tanned leather book structures.

Until now presentations of the work took place at the ICON Conference Adapt&Evolve in London in April 2015, at the Vatican Museums in Rome in May 2015, in Milan in June 2015 and in Turin in December 2015.

We will present the results of Hanji application in photograph conservation at the ICOM-CC Photographic Materials Working Group Interim Meeting to be held at Rijksmuseum Amsterdam in September 2016.