Identification and Preservation of Digital Prints

Tallinn, September 2017 – The Estonian Photographic Heritage Society (EPHS) and Art Museum of Estonia organised a workshop on Identification and Preservation of Digital Prints held at Kumu Art Museum by Martin Jürgens on September 27-29.

The workshop introduced to the history, materials and techniques of digital printing. Samples of different techniques have been shown and analysed under a microscope, and then deterioration processes have been examined and discussed, along with the illustration of preservation strategies to handle, mount and store the materials in the most suitable way possible.

preservation of digital prints

Using magnification and different illumination techniques, I could exercise how to identify the main families of digital prints, particularly electro-photography, digital exposure to photographic materials, thermal processes, and inkjet.

The workshop on Identification and Preservation of Digital Prints has been also the occasion to meet colleagues involved with photograph conservation in North Eastern European countries, such as Estonia, Finland, Latvia and  Lituania, and to visit the wonderful city of Tallinn during the Estonian Photographic Art Fair with a rich program of exhibitions and talks in Telliskivi.