Federica Delia’s curriculum vitae


Based in Rome as book, paper and photograph conservator Federica mainly operates in Italy, although her education and work experience make her also travel across Europe, Africa, Middle East and Far East Asia, attending workshops and conferences, participating to conservation missions, research and international training projects. Her passion for traveling and photography often gives her the opportunity to explore the world significantly enriching her personal and professional skills in mutual exchange with other cultures.

Making Hanji in South Korea

In her experience Federica has worked on artifacts of different kind, from the Medieval age to contemporary times, increasing her skills on Italian and European cultural heritage and also on African, Islamic and Oriental art.


Since 2019 she is Professor of Paper Conservation at the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome and since 2021 she has been also teaching at the Conservation School of the Italian Ministry of Culture at the Istituto centrale per la patologia degli archivi e del libro.
There she disseminate to her students the knowledge acquired around such material, that she never stops discovering.

Interdisciplinary and International Cooperation

Working for different institutions, including laboratories, museums, libraries and archives, Federica Delia often collaborated with staff in other departments. In fact, she thinks that cooperation and communication are the makings of a successful working relationship. Therefore she constantly maintains and develops knowledge of new techniques and conservation materials through available literature, by attending workshops and building a network with her colleagues all around the world.
Member of the International Committee for Museums (ICOM) since 2009, she has been the coordinator of ICOM Italia – Committee for Conservation from 2017 to 2022.

For further information on her education and work experience, her curriculum vitae is online on her LinkedIn profile.


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