RECTO VERSO di Federica Delia is a paper, book and photograph conservation studio located in Rome. Founded in January 2022, the studio is dedicated to preventive conservation and restoration of paper, book and photographic materials and it is provided with all the necessary equipment and tools.

RECTO VERSO conservation studio is a place of encounter and exchange between colleagues and amateurs interested in paper, books, photography and their conservation. It was born with the intention of becoming an international and multicultural space focused on art, history and handicraft.

Paper, Book and Photograph Conservation Services

RECTO VERSO is addressed to paper works, books and photographic objects.

The studio provides the following professional services:

  • preventive conservation
  • collection management
  • conservation projects
  • restoration treatments
  • mounting of artworks for exhibition
  • condition report for transport and loan
  • photographic documentation
  • digitization and photo-reproduction
  • emergency management and rescue in case of disaster

Conservation activities at RECTO VERSO are carried out on the following constituent materials:

  • paper
  • parchment
  • leather
  • photographic materials (metal, glass, paper, fabric, film)
  • inks, pigments and dyes
  • wax and lead seals

In the gallery we show some examples of our conservation activities.