The Conservation of Tibetan Books

Prague, July 2022 – After two years of pandemic finally I begin to travel again. The occasion is to present my recent research on the Himalayan paper and the conservation of Tibetan books.
From the 3rd to the 9th of July 2022 the International Association for Tibetan Studies chooses the capital city of Czech Republic to host its 16th Seminar. It is a meeting of hundreds of professionals researching around Tibet and its millennial culture. A whole week of discussion, talks and social events on the topic.
So, it’s time to return to Prague!

I have decided to participate to the Seminar to present my analysis on the conservation of Tibetan books carried out in the past and more recently in the West.
Based on case studies from the Tucci Tibetan Collection belonging to the IsIAO Library, I offer an overview on the history and development of the conservation field. I also share questions and thoughts on methods and materials usually employed on Tibetan books in pothi format.
My paper is particularly focused on the knowledge and awareness that a Western conservator should gain to be able to operate with full respect on these precious artifacts. Where is the limit? How can we conserve Tibetan books with no risk of compromising their history or committing a violation of their sacredness?

With no claim to be exhaustive, I hope that my little contribution can start a fruitful debate on the topic. With this aim I am happy to share ideas and experiences with other colleagues to improve the practice.
So, anyone involved in the conservation of Tibetan books and interested in joining the discussion, can write me at

A spot of the castle from Charles Bridge.